I’m very sleepy today..

Until night, I hadn’t sleep yet, because I had phone with my best friend, her name is Vivi. We enjoyed that night, talking about our friend, our self, our activities after we hadn’t together again, and I got to Jakarta. And she is still in Surabaya and take study in master degree in Chemical Engineer Department. She is a great person and have a strong willingness to continue her study, but me, I chose to get job because I want to earn money by my self. I’m very miss her so much after we had met since 5 years ago, and we were together in the same changes. We talked about our love story in the past and after, sometimes we jokes called “honey” for each other, how very close we are. Hahahaha, that a ridiculous thing that we do. We looked intimate…but we just friends…

I asked her to follow me to Jakarta, but she said that she didn’t want to live in Jakarta, because crowded and not better than another city. I was upset when she said that, but I can accept the reality that Jakarta is not really better for living.

We had good time until 1 am o’clock it’s time to go bed. My roommate had been sleeping when I was a phone with Vivi. I was sleepy, and I had a good sleep tonight.

When morning went to come, I feel really sleepy because I haven’t had enough sleep tonight. I’m going to work with sleepy. And in the office I don’t do anything as usual. Hahaha… Don’t blame me if I get blind salary…hehehe…

Until this afternoon, the air conditioner makes me sleepy. That’s cool and better to sleep than work. I try to work, I read some literature about geothermal and the process to make electricity, and clean energy for future. And then I write down what I read to my blog. Hahaha…. That’s I always do most when I don’t do anything in the office. And of course, I play some game online to throw away my sleepy..

After all, I can’t resist sleep. I sleep in front of my computer, and it’s happened suddenly. So, I try to move my body, get some exercise, straighted and raised my hands. But suddenly I sleep again. I’m waken up and looked around, and find my director see what I do.. I am a shame…. I sleep with raised my hands and stand up in front my desk…..wakakakakakakak. How weird I am….!!!

LOL !!!!

– Cheers – Galz –

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