keep running!

Finally, I get my self to understand what the meaning of life. I’ve made many plan of my life. But sometimes, I failed to do it. For example, 3 years before, I wished I had had a dream working in EPC or something like that. In fact, my working is mess, I do anything what I can do. 3 years later, I realized that life doesn’t run as supposed to be.But I’m grateful, I have married someone whom I love. Hehe..

Now, I have 4 planning of my life. After marrying, I have to change other plans.

1. I’m going to quit from my current job. I’d submitted a job application in the biggest oil gas company in this country. I’ll have had psychometric test today at 2 pm in Salemba. I cancel it, after talking to my husband. I have better to settle in my current job. Work hours is my consideration to stay. I realize not easy to do something that we doesn’t want to. I hope it’s better for me & my family.

2. I’m going to apply a overseas scholarship . Now, I am in learning an English season, If it doesn’t pass it. Going to the next plan–>

3. Apply the other scholarships. (If any) next –>

4. Stay here to do..


Wish me luck “beiph..”

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