I, one of  government employees have been affected by bureaucracy. One time, I had applied a courses that needed some signatures from the authorities. I had prepared all of the requirements. I tried hard to the best. It was done. I was happy that day until…. I was going to the authorities who was deal with. They said that I was late to collect the requirements. It was my false, i didn’t read that information of scholarship before.  But, actually in other department the deadline wasn’t that day, the day after. Just in mine, it was late yesterday. I was upset, why in others wasn’t closed and mine was. I couldn’t control my emotion. Oo, I see it was caused by bureaucracy. I needed some signatures to get an approval letter. But it was simple. The authorities didn’t read it well what they signed, but the path of signature was long. I hate this bureaucracy.  I taken long time for a simple letter, an approval letter.

The authorities that met me were a woman and a man. The woman was kind. She would like to help me got an approval letter, but her boss (the man) didn’t want to sign my letter.

He said, “It your mistake, why you do not apply before? We have published 2 month ago.”

“Stop yelling at me, you can explain well.”I thought.

–“I don’t want to sign your letter. Get from another!” he said.–

I was disappointed with him. “You just sign it, I will go and take everything.” my thought. Can you imagine if there are many employees like that?

How much money is gone.

How much time is lost.

How works do effectively.

What matter can be done well.

Though, I am one of government employees. What about those who are not?

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